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Can CNC lathes be used to process hexagonal in machining

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In daily machining, we often encounter that the shape of the workpiece is hexagonal, which is usually done by using hexagonal materials or milling. So, do we often use CNC lathes to process hexagons?

Traditional hexagonal machining is usually done by indexing and milling. However, CNC lathes use the principle of rotary indexing to form and process polyhedrons at one time in the form of cutting tool feed. The efficiency of processing it is higher than milling, and the surface roughness of the part is also higher.

Hexagonal milling CNC machine tools are also called edge trimming machines. They mainly replace traditional milling machines to complete milling of two sides, four sides, and six sides. The speed ratio of the fly cutter and the spindle of the machine tool can be used to achieve rapid milling. The overall rigidity of the machine tool is strong and can High-strength stainless steel and alloy steel are milled to minimize tool loss under the wall that guarantees product output and smoothness. One person can control multiple machines, which greatly saves the labor force of the enterprise and improves the competitiveness.

   So what configuration is required for a general hexagonal milling machine tool? First of all, the bed and foot of the hexagonal milling machine tool are all sand-casting, tempered, and the guide rail adopts a huge guide rail, and the hardness is up to the national standard after ultrasonic quenching. The headstock gears are all ground and quenched, and the turning and milling process is quite smooth and noiseless. is equipped with a special hydraulic tailstock to ensure the concentricity of the product car side. Standard equipped with a wide number of servo system, it can be used for multiple feeds, compensation, turning and milling processing, turning arc square, milling square and hexagonal products with taper and inclination.

   Therefore, in summary, the CNC lathe can mill hexagonal parts, and the efficiency is much higher than that of the traditional milling machine, and the appearance and parts accuracy are also guaranteed.


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